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San Francisco Bay Area Interior Plant Design Service




The Plant Escape is a fully insured, full-service, interior plantscaping company. We design commercial spaces, such as offices, showrooms, restaurants and hotels, as well as residential spaces, using living green and flowering plants in decorative containers.

Our experienced horticulturists and technicians understand the importance of design integrity: That a plant, or plant grouping, must maintain its aesthetically pleasing appearance long after installation.

Plants have a positive influence on the human psyche, while creating winning environments that promote productivity. They offer a humanizing touch while softening architectural lines, adding interest to interior spaces. In addition to diffusing noise, certain varieties of plants can actually improve the air quality inside a building, contributing to better health. A study performed by NASA revealed that many plants act as "toxic gobblings" in the absorption of harmful gases and fumes inside tightly sealed buildings.

Just as The Plant Escape understands the importance of detail in plant design and maintenance, we pay close attention to the needs of our customers. We provide superior services designed, specifically, with our clients' needs and budget in mind, and appreciate the confidence and trust they place in us.



Free Design Consultation

The Plant Escape offers a number of purchase, leasing and maintenance programs at competitive prices.


plant rental

As part of our services we offer plant rental. Please take a look at some of our selection below.


guaranteed maintenance plan

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at The Plant Escape. As part of our services we guarantee professional care and maintenance for our plants.